Logo & Motto of The Zoo

The logo depicts the head of an elephant with the sacred icons of the Shanku (conch) and the Chakra (wheel) and the Namams of Lord Venkateswara.

The elephant head represents Lord Ganesha, who is invoked before the start of any major event or pooja as per Hindu culture . Incidentally an elephant, ‘ Venkanna’ was the first animal brought to the zoo . The three icons represent Lord Venkateswara whose abode is the Seshachalam hills and the zoo is situated right at its foothills. These icons in the logo were specifically selected to symbolize the mythological theme of the zoo, as well as to propagate conservation education with religious impetus.

Motto of the Zoo
“Jeevakarunyameva paramavadhiha”………Sanskrit
“love and compassion towards life is the heavenly path”………English

As per Indian mythology and culture, he who saves, loves and protects animals and plants attains salvation. This was a message given by the ancient Indians which has been unfortunately forgotten by us in our quest for materialistic development. This mythologically motivated motto has been adopted to revive our culture and heritage and to propagate conservation education.

Major Objectives

The major objectives on which Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park, Tirupati is developed are as follows :

  • To act as an ex-situ facility for the conservation of native wildlife i.e. of Sheshachalam forests of Eastern Ghats.
  • To facilitate captive breeding of the endangered and threatened wild animals and rehabilitate them with a special focus on endemic fauna.
  • To educate the visitors regarding wildlife conservation through “Mythological theme”.
  • To propagate research on wildlife for its conservation and effective management.