Do Don’ts


  • Do keep the premises especially lawn and public utilities of the Zoo neat and clean.
  • Do enjoy the vast collection of Animals, Trees and Plants of the Zoo.
  • Do try to be cordial and polite with your fellow visitors and staff.
  • Do extend your full cooperation with the management and security staff of the Zoo.
  • Promptly report any suspicious activities.
  • Do ask questions to education officer and Zoo staff about Zoo and its animals.
  • Ask for Animal adoption scheme

Don’t s

  • For the health of our animals, no pets are permitted in the Zoo. Please don’t bring any pets.
  • You are in Zoo to see animals and enjoy their behavior. Please do not tease them.
  • Zoo tries to give best facilities for the visitors. Pease do not damage public utilities.
  • Zoo animals well fed by trained veterinarians. Please do not feed any animal inside the Zoo.
  • Do not enter the Zoo with polythene bag, plastic bottle and food.
  • Do not play any audio-system or musical instrument inside the Zoo.
  • Do not play cricket, football, badminton, flying dish etc. inside the Zoo.
  • Do not carry firearms or any sharp objects.
  • Don’t ask for exception in entry fee